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"Fine Art Cracks RSP (16)" © Molly Gochman; used by permission

Closed System

May 25, 2015

Flash Nonfiction by Autumn Stephens

The problem with ancestors is how they manifest negativity.

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Scattered Bones

May 20, 2015

Flash Nonfiction by Jeri Edwards

We kneel beside a perfect print of a mountain lion on the sandy bar.

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A Single Tree

May 20, 2015

TW Flash Nonfiction by Don Lyman

How strange that they’d preserve a single piece of the forest they destroyed.

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Everything I Know About Nature I Learned Indoors

May 18, 2015

Theme Essay by Con Chapman

'Let me get this straight,' I’d ask. 'We’re going to go outside, walk around—then come back?'

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Diane Cook: “Life Is Very Precarious”

May 04, 2015

TW Interview by Mara Araujo

I like when the world is strange enough that you really have to pay attention.

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