Writerly Sins

Hoarding: The Flesh House

Oct 22, 2012

Theme Essay by Karen J. Ohlson

Even as I tamp down my dread, I feel a frisson of secret pleasure: I’m storing the details of this house in my mind.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Oct 12, 2012

Image Essay by Isabelle Cardinal

What is imagination, really? Maybe it’s just the little brother of Miss Creativity?

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Wrath: The Tiger Inside

Oct 08, 2012

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

Caught in the tension between explosive anger and locking it down, I backed away—fast.

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Gluttony: The Good Eater

Oct 01, 2012

Theme Essay by Emily Toth

I was a gawky teen when I found out from Shakespeare that skinny people can’t be trusted.

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Dylan’s Bricks, Dickinson’s Bee

Sep 19, 2012

TW Column by Steven Lewis

I sat alone in the darkened living room, abandoned by family, scorned by the dog, nursing a jam jar of Jim Beam.

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Lust: The Literary Courtesan

Sep 17, 2012

Theme Essay by Lorraine Berry

Having sensed that Adam felt shy and awkward with women, I made Pam his teacher.

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The Devil Made Me Write It

Sep 10, 2012

Editor’s Note by Martha Nichols

If human beings were perfect, there would be no stories.

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Sloth: The Slyest of Sins

Sep 10, 2012

Theme Essay by Jeremiah Horrigan

Turning one’s attention away is the quintessence of sloth—and it’s the opposite of what writers need to do.

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Envy: The Beautiful Monster

Sep 10, 2012

Theme Essay by Ann Lightcap Bruno

It’s not easy, neutralizing the venom inside my head.

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Writers and Devils

Sep 10, 2012

Image Feature: Writers and Devils

I promised the Devil my soul, and in return he promised me that everything I was going to experience hereafter would be turned into tales.

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