The Reluctant Multitasker

Oct 01, 2013

Editor's Note by Martha Nichols

Forget the muse. My attention thief looks like Harpo Marx. He’s the guy honking his horn or grabbing my leg, whether I’m sitting at the computer or under a tree.

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Self-Doubt: The Worst Distraction for Writers

Nov 11, 2013

Theme Essay by Tarn Wilson

Instead of managing the deluge of emails and envelopes with the grace of the professional, I was crushed by them.

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Why Writers Need Daydreams

Oct 30, 2013

Theme Essay by Virginia Foley

When I need to dig deeper, get grittier, I imagine that smoke-filled room, the overflowing ashtray, the Olivetti.

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How to Be a Hermit Without Pissing off Your Family

Oct 21, 2013

Theme Essay by Martha Nichols

My husband rolls his eyes, saying to our boy, 'Your mother is barely connected to this planet.'

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The Myth of 9-to-5 Writing

Oct 14, 2013

Theme Essay by Nikki Stern

Eight years, two books, and hundreds of op-ed pieces later, I no longer believe that authors must work an eight-hour day in order to be considered real writers.

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Social Media: The Great Time Sink for Writers

Oct 01, 2013

Theme Essay by Anne R. Allen

It turns out that human beings—even writers—do need sleep. Authors are creative human beings, not machines.

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ADHD Writers, Unite!

Oct 01, 2013

Theme Essay by William Gray

Sitting down to write this is the longest stretch I’ve managed in two days, and it’s because I’m on a deadline.

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My Struggles with Monkey Mind

Sep 25, 2013

TW Column by Emily Toth

Got my diagnosis. I’m a 'sucker for irrelevancy.'

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Me, Writing

May 08, 2013

Essay by Patricia Dubrava

Focus, damn it...although if no one notices, why continue writing?

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Word Fracking

Oct 17, 2012

Essay by Joseph McGonegal

With every kiss, the 15-, 21-, 28-year-old self was probably furious with me—each in his own way—for selling out.

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