Night Fishing

Mar 06, 2017

Personal Essay by Sara Hubbs

Have you ever recoiled from your own newborn?

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Dispatches from the Land of Well

Feb 06, 2017

Personal Essay by Jamie Passaro

I can go out to a restaurant and no longer think the people at the next table are sending me messages in their sentences.

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No Trespassing

Feb 06, 2017

Essay by Ellen Prentiss Campbell

I was nervous. Would she in some way feel that I had overstepped the bounds, appropriated her story?

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Sep 26, 2016

Essay by Jane McCafferty

Part of me was always glad my mother found a way to cast off the shackles of her ordinary consciousness.

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Storms of the Circus World

Sep 26, 2016

Essay by Lorri McDole

Which came first, the drugs or the schizophrenia?

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Everything I Know About Nature I Learned Indoors

May 18, 2015

Theme Essay by Con Chapman

'Let me get this straight,' I’d ask. 'We’re going to go outside, walk around—then come back?'

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Notebook for a Novel

Mar 09, 2015

Fragmentary Writing by Stacy Carlson

I face the same old hyena in my mind: you’re weak, empty, delusional, small in heart.

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Mr. Spock Was My First Crush

Mar 02, 2015

TW Tribute by Martha Nichols

The night before Leonard Nimoy died, I happened to be looking over images of Spock.

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The Holy Terror

Dec 22, 2014

Memoir Excerpt by Jeremiah Horrigan

My hands passed right through the lump of snow. My superpowers were already kicking in.

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Three Visits to His Abuelita

Jun 09, 2014

Essay by Patricia Dubrava

She looked dismayed. Maybe she’d never seen such a reaction to one of her cures.

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