Talking Writing Magazine

The Dark Is What Makes Us

Report by Meghan Moore-Hubbard

Rural southwestern Virginia is not the Deep South, and Appalachia by its very nature is gothic.

More Than Just a Political Slogan

Report by Robin L. Flanigan

She gestured in the direction her friends had headed. 'That’s an expensive car full of black people.'

Three Boxes

Report by Joseph Walsh

The police had taken Mike’s laptop and phone, so I had to find what I could without them.

Do Poems Need to Be Accessible?

Response by Neil de la Flor

It's a poem about the transformational power of speaking out in the face of thousands of 'fans' booing you.

How Transparent Should Poetry Be?

Essay by Steve Lewis

Only a smattering of folks across the country understand the language, and I’m sorry to say that doesn’t include many academics.


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