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Sanderia Faye: “I’ve Got a Lot of Swimming to Do”

Nov 04, 2015

TW Interview by Imaani Cain

I just knew that, as a black woman, if I wanted to write, I needed some credentials.

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We’ve Got to Move

Nov 04, 2015

Novel Excerpt by Sanderia Faye

We were going to meet every Sunday after church service, Christians and sinners alike till we got the job done.

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Essaying the Body: A Look Inside

Mar 16, 2015

TW Flash Essay by Richard Hoffman

What if I’d been less inhibited? What if I’d cried out, 'Jesus, what the hell is that?'

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Empathy Is Not Enough

Dec 29, 2014

Theme Essay by Laurette Folk

When people say art matters, it’s because they've been moved to act more compassionately in the world.

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In Search of Small Stones

Dec 24, 2014

Theme Essay by Carla M. Wilson

Happy holidays from Talking Writing! As a gift to yourself, try the writerly 'New Year's Challenge' offered with this piece.

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Tough-Cookie Biblical Women

Dec 22, 2014

TW Column by Emily Toth

The tangled story of Sodom can test your faith in Yahweh’s leadership.

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The Holy Terror

Dec 22, 2014

Memoir Excerpt by Jeremiah Horrigan

My hands passed right through the lump of snow. My superpowers were already kicking in.

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A Religious Writer’s Dilemma

Dec 15, 2014

Theme Essay by Ruth Carmel

I fear that Orthodox practices, if ineptly presented, may have a whiff of the shtetl.

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The Second Coming

Dec 04, 2014

TW Column by Steven Lewis

I was barreling straight into the maelstrom at 75 miles an hour.

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Technology, the Snake in My Garden

Nov 24, 2014

Theme Essay by Wm. Anthony Connolly

I developed my own online platform—until six months in, I felt as if I’d swallowed poison.

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