Flash Fiction

Sliver of Joy

Jan 29, 2018

Flash Fiction by Renee Gionet

I find the board bearing the bright bloom of my blood and push the splinter into place.

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30-Year Drought

Dec 18, 2017

Story by Abigail Uhrick

My thirst for water brought me to him.

Flash Fiction, Sex, Surrealism | Read More

Application for the Post of Lesser Poet Laureate

Dec 18, 2017

Hybrid Feature by Grady Kane-Horrigan

What passions rage in my heart, is that what you mean?

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Davy Crockett Is Just Fine

Apr 17, 2017

Story by Angela Readman

He told us all about bears and what to do when we met one.

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Their Lists Long, Their Spreadsheets Lost

Apr 17, 2017

Story by Judy T. Oldfield

On the day the office burned down and everyone died, Rosh thought, 'That’s it, I’m retiring.'

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To Be a Snake in Winter

Feb 06, 2017

Story by Nyanka Joseph

There’s a shedder or two in every family.

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Stone and Turtle

Sep 12, 2016

Flash Fiction by Bernard Grant

One time I do skip one, but Mamma and Mr. Leon are on the blanket smiling at each other and don’t see.

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Viola's Speech

Mar 09, 2015

Novel Excerpt by James Tadd Adcox

What we interpret as entropy is only our preference for one state of matter over another.

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Woodland Wedding and Other Stories

Mar 04, 2015

Flash Fiction by Anna North

'What are you afraid of?' Carla asked. 'You can’t get hurt on your wedding day.'

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Sparkly Plans, Grease, and Luck

Feb 23, 2015

Flash Novella Excerpt by Meg Pokrass

On our stoop, luck clears its throat like a Mormon missionary and walks away.

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