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Faith in a Folder

Nov 24, 2014

Theme Essay by Robin L. Flanigan

The nurse's answer underscored the futility I feared: 'It’s all hocus-pocus.'

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The Tea Party of Lewis Carroll

Nov 24, 2014

Chapbook Excerpt by William Todd Seabrook

'You will not make it to heaven on jokes alone,' the Bishop said.

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Elvis and Amazing Grace

Nov 20, 2014

Image Essay by Theresa Williams

Elvis Presley seemed like a wandering soul in search of a purpose that remained just out of reach.

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Poetry as Prayer

Jan 27, 2014

Theme Essay by Ellen McGrath Smith

I write poetry because it’s what I do, just as frogs croak and mathematicians ponder numbers.

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An Article of Faith

Jan 20, 2014

Theme Essay by Jeremiah Horrigan

Growing up Catholic in Buffalo, New York, I'd begin my day with words as ripe with mystery as the Mass itself.

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Believe in Your Own Stories

Jan 15, 2014

TW Column by Emily Toth

Where does that writing drive come from? I’ve always had it, even though I had a happy childhood.

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From Mount Olympus to Mount Sinai

Dec 18, 2013

Theme Essay by Richard Zimler

The mystic's flexible and poetic approach to spirituality is precisely what we need in our era of religious intolerance and conflict.

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Breaking Into Blossom

Dec 11, 2013

TW Column by Steven Lewis

I’m interested only in a narrative presence that is indelible. Writing that is beyond memorable. Unforgettable.

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I Saw Jesus—Now, How Do I Write About It?

Dec 09, 2013

Theme Essay by Jennifer Jean

Schmaltz seems to attach itself to such writing like a leech.

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Why I’m Not an Atheist or a Jellyfish

Dec 02, 2013

Editor's Note by Martha Nichols

There’s a reason why we humans need to preach.

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