Why I Write

How to Bury the Dead

Dec 19, 2016

Essay by Samantha Leigh Miller

Writing has saved my life on more than one occasion, although I didn’t realize it at the time.

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Desperately Seeking Acceptance

Nov 21, 2016

Essay by Janet Garber

I gather my writing buddies around me for warmth and continue the struggle.

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The Usefulness of Poetry

Feb 01, 2016

Essay by Gloria Heffernan

Where does the unpublished writer find the validation to go on writing?

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The Landscape Portal

Sep 21, 2015

Essay by Kaori Fujimoto

I wanted my stories to transport readers to someplace new and strange.

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Finding My Orange

Jun 01, 2015

TW Flash Essay by J.p. Lawrence

It soothes me to think of Hemingway in rough draft.

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Why I Sing with the Mockingbird

Apr 29, 2015

Essay by Carol M. Folsom

We are not alone in our suffering, no matter how shocking or unusual our particular circumstances.

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Child of Noon and Midnight

Nov 24, 2014

Essay by Lydia Buchanan

I’m the office girl, there for aesthetics. I entertain.

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No Matter What It Takes

Nov 05, 2014

Essay by Terry Persun

These days, I let characters show up on their own, talk for a while, then leave.

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Old Wool Coat in the Pawn Shop

Dec 02, 2013

Essay by Paula Hoy

My skin tingled. I had my mother’s undivided attention. I was radiating, humming with bliss.

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Balancing Words in Two Languages

Oct 23, 2013

Essay by Mira Desai

The same genes that pushed my grandfather to seek an education for his sons survive in a new avatar.

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