Women Writers and Bad Interviews

Feb 15, 2013

Feature by Lorraine Berry

By this point, I was shouting at the radio. What did this have to do with writing?

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Hurray for Digital Magazines!

Oct 26, 2012

TW Opinion by Martha Nichols

Reincarnation online is an act of mercy for Newsweek’s foundering print edition.

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“A Woman’s Place” in the NYT Book Review

Sep 21, 2012

TW Opinion by Lorraine Berry and Martha Nichols

The issue could have been dubbed 'all that women's stuff we rarely cover.' It’s ironic, but not in a good way.

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Films Convey Reality Better than Words

May 07, 2012

Theme Essay by Marcia Jarmel and Ken Schneider

In unscripted documentaries, like ours, directors enter environments over which they have no control.

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The Word Thieves

Apr 24, 2012

Feature by David Biddle

The digital frontier is a wide-open vista for both publishing and plagiarism.

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Julia Scheeres: “It Was a Hellhole”

Feb 13, 2012

TW Interview by William Gray

I’m 27. I can’t put down A Thousand Lives by Julia Scheeres, because I'm amazed that Jonestown even happened....

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The Editor Inside Me

Jan 23, 2012

Theme Essay by Jeremiah Horrigan

Told you so, kid. You’re going down, just like I said you would.

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Rejection Is a Dirty Word—Except When It Isn't

Jan 09, 2012

Editor's Note by Martha Nichols

Sometimes there's no way for the most talented young authors to realize they’re offtrack unless a critic points it out.

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Editors Read Your Pitches—Really

Jan 09, 2012

Theme Essay by Lynya Floyd

You have no idea how often we’re told to find new talent.

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A Peacenik Reporter Gets It Wrong

Oct 24, 2011

Memoir by Jeremiah Horrigan

Boldly, I decided To Act. To Take a Stand. I would…wear an armband.

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