What Journalists Can Teach Memoir Writers

Nov 17, 2014

TW Column by Martha Nichols

First-person journalism is my antidote to much of what goes on in creative nonfiction classes.

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Caitlin Moran: “You Just Can’t Argue with Cool”

Nov 03, 2014

TW Interview by Lorraine Berry

Just by being working class, I’m a minority in the industry, and then to be a woman on top of that is absolutely nuts.

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"Women and Power" in the NYT Book Review

Oct 15, 2014

TW Opinion by Lorraine Berry and Martha Nichols

At a time when female critics from Caitlin Moran to Mary Beard are being harassed all over the Internet, the lack of editorial attitude is troubling.

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What Writers Say About Getting Paid

Sep 24, 2014

TW Cartoon Feature

Christopher Hitchens: 'It would be useful to keep a diary, but I don’t like writing unpaid. I don’t like writing checks without getting paid.'

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Andrew Lam on Writing

May 28, 2014

Interview by Kelcey Parker

As certain as the rain, disappointments will come, and you will have to live with them and embrace them.

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An Article of Faith

Jan 20, 2014

Theme Essay by Jeremiah Horrigan

Growing up Catholic in Buffalo, New York, I'd begin my day with words as ripe with mystery as the Mass itself.

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What Makes a Good Writing Guide?

Nov 06, 2013

Book Review by Emily Toth

Some people believe there’s a secret formula to writing a bestseller—or that anyone can do it.

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The Perilous Influence of Hunter S. Thompson

Oct 04, 2013

TW Opinion by J.p. Lawrence

Yes, I love Thompson the writer—but, Christ, his followers!

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Can Editors Change the World?

Mar 15, 2013

Essay by Martha Nichols

Given what VIDA has turned up, I don’t see how anyone in charge of a literary magazine can ignore the political and cultural impact of editors.

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Not Looking Stupid While Talking to Neil Gaiman

Mar 11, 2013

Theme Essay by J.p. Lawrence

My reporter face is hard, but inside I am quaky. Neil Gaiman, after all, is a hero of mine.

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