Short Stories


Oct 23, 2017

Short Story by Julie Wittes Schlack

Be positive, but be genuine, the memo advises. Acknowledge that this is an emotionally difficult time, but demonstrate confidence in our future.

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Sure Things

Oct 14, 2015

Short Story by Hannah Thurman

I wonder if, years later, Montana will seem like a blip—or the beginning of the rest of my life.

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May 11, 2015

Short Story by Douglas Cole

The pictures were mostly of Julie posing naked, like you’d see in a magazine.

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Dec 08, 2014

Short Story by Douglas Cole

Everywhere I went, the hatch on the top of my head was flapping open and my spirit was joyriding.

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Flight Plan

Oct 13, 2014

Short Story by Katie Cortese

Hank was all magnet, and around him she shattered into metal filings.

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Grandma’s Tales

Apr 28, 2014

Short Story by Andrew Lam

What’s so cool about Grandma is that she’s the only one who knows I’m bisexual.

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Her Third Baby

Nov 04, 2013

Short Story by Nicole Simonsen

A crazy and shameful thought occurred to me. I could paint a get-well card with my mother’s blood.

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Agua Dulce

Feb 04, 2013

TW Prizewinning Fiction by David Meischen

Come this time tomorrow, she’d be crossing West Texas—with Nopalito far behind her. She knew where she was going.

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Open Bar

Nov 19, 2012

Short Story by Ann Lightcap Bruno

Over the years, my memory has cast that night in moon and crickets and lilacs, dialogue even, although it’s all a lie.

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Cancer Is a Killer, and So Am I

Sep 24, 2012

Short Story by Mark Brazaitis

Although other people’s deaths comfort me, I am not rooting for mass extinction.

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