Spring 2014: Family Stories


"Shawn" © Meg Birnbaum


Creative Genealogy

Whenever I read a memoir, I wonder how much is really true. When I’m the one writing about family, the shifting nature of my own perspective is even more troubling.

—“The Random Facts of Life”

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.

Editor's Note

The Random Facts of Life by Martha Nichols


A Small Thing by Missy-Marie Montgomery

Sure by Kathryn Gahl

Grandma’s Tales by Andrew Lam

Trends and Reviews

Are Video Games the New Novel? by John Michael Bell

Personal Stories

Nobody Argued with Grandma by Morgan Baker

My Mother’s Exit by Meryl Natchez

Three Visits to His Abuelita by Patricia Dubrava

Theme for this Issue

Why I Write About My Family by Ruth Carmel

Adoption and the Real Story by David Biddle

The Novel as Family Therapy by Wendy Glaas

Why Going Crazy Isn't Just a Good Story by Martha Nichols


Sisters of the Commonwealth by Meg Birnbaum

Misplaced Baggage by Anh Ðào Kolbe

The Story Reveals Itself by Moira De Luca

The Wanderers by Theresa Williams


Alan Albert: Two Poems by Alan Albert

Barbara LaMorticella: Two Poems by Barbara LaMorticella

Susan Terris: Three Memo Poems by Susan Terris


Andrew Lam on Writing by Kelcey Parker

Mark Vonnegut: “Too Easy, Dad” by Martha Nichols


What Bad Families Can Do for Writers by Emily Toth

My Lost Stories by Steven Lewis




"Shawn" © Meg BirnbaumArtwork in this Issue

Featured Artist: Meg Birnbaum

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  • "The Random Facts of Life"
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Featured Artist: Moira De Luca

  • "The Story Reveals Itself" (image essay)