Nov/Dec 2012: Adaptations

Artwork in this Issue

Featured Artist: Camille Martin

  • November cover
  • Editor’s Note
  • “Do We Need Prose Poetry?”



“Muse Becomes Poet” (detail) © Donald Langosy

Featured Artist: Donald Langosy

  • December cover
  • “Emily Dickinson, Zombie”





“Muse Becomes Poet” (detail) © Donald Langosy

It’s a Book! It’s a Movie! It’s a…Zombie?

Editor's Note by Elizabeth Langosy

When does an 'adaptation' become a new creative work altogether?

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


Theme for this Issue

Adaptations, Screen Time : Why Horror Movies Disappoint Readers by KC Redding-Gonzalez
Adaptations, About Poetry : Do We Need Prose Poetry? by David Meischen
Adaptations, Book Reviews, Screen Time : Why Did a Manipulative Movie Make Me Cry? by Lorraine Berry
About Comics, Adaptations, Screen Time : Holy Adaptation, Batman! Who’s the Real You? by Andrew Vanden Bossche
Adaptations, Book Reviews, Screen Time : Hitchcock Got “Rebecca” Dead Wrong by Elizabeth Langosy
Adaptations, Authors, Music : Channeling Capote's "In Cold Blood" by Mali Sastri
Book Reviews, About Poetry, Adaptations : Emily Dickinson, Zombie by Martha Nichols


Talking Art, Grief : Porcelain Bones by Judith A. Ross
Advice, Talking Indie : Sorry, Your Buddies Won’t Buy Your Book by David Biddle
About Fiction, Food, Nothing but the Toth : I Wrote a Gumbo by Emily Toth


Featured Poetry : Giavanna Munafo: Two Poems by Giavanna Munafo
Featured Poetry : Laura Walker: Three from “KJV” by Laura Walker
About Poetry : How Haiku Changed My Writing Life by Theresa Williams


Mixed Media, About Poetry, Music : The Collaged Brain by Camille Martin
Graphic Arts, About Poetry : Poets and Painters by Donald Langosy

Trends and Reviews

Book Reviews : What the National Book Awards Missed by Lorraine Berry
Screen Time : Where's Bilbo? by Martha Nichols


Short Stories : Open Bar by Ann Lightcap Bruno

Personal Stories

Writer's Life, Diversity, Travel : A Tale of Two Polands by Richard Zimler

Why I Write

Why I Write, Writing Groups : The Group Makes the Writer by Kate Brandt
Why I Write : A Cacophony of Nudgy Voices by Laurie Weisz


Becoming a Writer : Ann Lightcap Bruno on Writing by Kelcey Parker