Jan/Feb 2012: Gatekeepers

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"Senlis doorway"Featured Artist: David Terry
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  • “A Magazine Gatekeeper Tells All”
  • Talking E-News: Happy 2012


"Stairway No. 1"Featured Artist: Susan Denniston

  • February cover
  • Editor’s Note

"Seawall Study No. 5" © Susan Denniston

Rejection Is a Dirty Word—Except When It Isn’t

Editor's Note by Martha Nichols

Sometimes there's no way for the most talented young authors to realize they’re offtrack unless a critic points it out.

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


Theme for this Issue

Advice, Editors : My Stint as a Literary Doorman by David Cameron
Advice, Journalism, Editors : Editors Read Your Pitches—Really by Lynya Floyd
Media Debate, Agents : Why Reader Taste Differs from Publisher Taste by Jenny Bent
Journalism, Editors : The Editor Inside Me by Jeremiah Horrigan
Advice, Agents : The Truth About the Slush Pile by Wendy Glaas
Advice, Editors : A Magazine Gatekeeper Tells All by Elizabeth Langosy
Advice, Editors : Style Wars by Paula L. Silici


About Fiction, Writer's Life : What’s a True-Life Novel? by Fred Setterberg
Novel Excerpts, TW Reading Series : Escape from Frog Island by Fred Setterberg


Talking Art, Blogging : The Virtual Artist by Judith A. Ross
Editors, Sex, Nothing but the Toth : Bloody but Unbowed by Emily Toth
Yawping Wild : The Road We Never Traveled by Steven Lewis


Math Poetry : Carol Dorf: Math Poetry by Carol Dorf
Spotlight Essay, Math Poetry : Why Poets Sometimes Think in Numbers by Carol Dorf
Spotlight Essay, Math Poetry : A Nonmathematician Falls in Love by Elizabeth Langosy
Math Poetry : Mary Cresswell: Math Poetry by Mary Cresswell
Math Poetry : JoAnne Growney: Math Poetry by JoAnne Growney
Math Poetry : David Morimoto: Math Poetry by David Morimoto
Math Poetry : Sue Brannan Walker: Math Poetry by Sue Brannan Walker
Math Poetry : Catherine Daly: Math Poetry by Catherine Daly
Math Poetry : Sarah Glaz: Math Poetry by Sarah Glaz
Math Poetry : Allison Hedge Coke: Math Poetry by Allison Hedge Coke
Spotlight Essay, Math Poetry : Math Girl Fights Back by Karen J. Ohlson

Trends and Reviews

Book Reviews, Sports : Harbach and the Hard Sell by David Biddle

Why I Write

Why I Write : My Metamorphosis by Khadeeja Syeda Safdar
Why I Write : Writing with My Left Hand by Arlene L. Mandell


Teaching, About Fiction, Featured Interview : Robert Olen Butler: "The Danger of Wanting to Be a Writer” by Lorraine Berry
Journalism, Featured Interview : Julia Scheeres: “It Was a Hellhole” by William Gray