Sarah Glaz: Math Poetry


I am a number (II)

5 Forged in time’s fire
my golden figure
to the past
and the future
I count my digits
All Present
yet only
half way there
6 I can be factored
into selves
former lives
each one
more potent
I disappear
7 Last prime
the count of time
the great mystery
8 How did it come to that
9 I have no time
10 Decem



phoenix made of folded paper



Editor's Note: Don't miss "Why Poets Sometimes Think in Numbers," Carol Dorf's introduction to math poetry in TW.



Art Information

  • “Phoenix 2.0″ © Jon Tucker; Creative Commons license


Sarah GlazSarah Glaz is a professor of mathematics at the University of Connecticut, specializing in the mathematical area of commutative algebra.

She also has a lifelong interest in poetry and serves as associate editor for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts. She coedited the poetry anthology Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics (A K Peters, 2008) and has published poems and translations in both mathematical and literary periodicals.

For more information, visit Sarah's website.



Thanks for this lovely expression of the personalities one may find in numbers. WCW's golden five and "factored into selves from former lives" are key images for me also.

Dear JoAnne, Thank you for your kind words. It is so nice to hear words of appreciation from a poet whose work I admire for many years. Sarah

I am a post graduate student in the University of Buea, Cameroon, Central Africa. Prof. Mrs Sarah I very much like the your present your work. Your works on coherent rings and modules have been of immense help to me. May God grant you good health so that you continue to advance and train more mathematicians

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