Sarah Glaz: Two Poems


The Integers Are Not a Happy Medium

When I arrive

you are already there


a shadow swiftly fleets across your brow

The integers are not a happy medium

you say by way of greeting

They fly which way

scatter without restraint

fritter through fingers faster

than one can count the gains

And you are late again


Forward to the Beginning

The difference between
a polyp and a tumor
is like the difference
between a polynomial
and a continuous function


How did I get from there to here
when all my relatives
gathering their brood around them
parted the tents’ flaps
and looking up
toward the mountain top
saw Moses’ face
beam down


Cotton-mouth do not bite
the apple was sour


I do not want to be a rib



“Fire and Ice” © Niels Langeveld; used by permission

Art Information

  • “Fire and Ice” © Niels Langeveld; used by permission.

Sarah GlazSarah Glaz is professor of mathematics at the University of Connecticut specializing in the area of commutative algebra. She also has a lifelong interest in poetry, serves as associate editor for the Journal of Mathematics and the Arts, coedited the poetry anthology Strange Attractors: Poems of Love and Mathematics (A. K. Peters/CRC Press, 2008), is the editor of the Bridges Poetry Anthologies, and has published poems and translations in both mathematical and literary periodicals.

For more information, visit Sarah Glaz's website.

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