Nov/Dec 2011: Writing and Food

"Crockerville" © Carl WarnerArtwork in this Issue

Featured Artist: Carl Warner

This London-based photographer creates landscapes entirely out of food

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"Tuscan Kitchen" © Carl Warner

It’s My Party, and I’ll Eat What I Want To

Editor's Note by Elizabeth Langosy

Food conjures memories like nothing else.

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.



Food, Nothing but the Toth : Drenched in Butter, Filled with Zest by Emily Toth

Trends and Reviews

Book Reviews, Adoption : Adoption, Light and Dark by David Biddle
Book Reviews, Food, Illness : The Kitchen Conjuror by Lorraine Berry

Theme for this Issue

Advice, Writer's Life, Food : My Slow Prose Manifesto by Karen J. Ohlson
Advice, Food : The Power of Squash Blossoms by Emily Gelsomin
Featured Interview, Authors, Food : Raymond Sokolov: The Joy of Edible Muskrat by Jeremiah Horrigan
Food, Grief : Love, Loss, and Spaghetti by Bianca Garcia
Diversity, Food, Travel : A Taste of Lechón by J.p. Lawrence
Memoir, Food : The Bad Cook Blues by Lorraine Berry
Food, Grief : The Search for Delicious by Jane Ward
Diversity, Food : Would You Ever Eat a Tongue Taco? by Bianca Garcia
Authors, Food : A.S. Byatt’s Plums by Elizabeth Langosy
Memoir, Family Stories, Food : Freeing a Life at Chinese New Year by Li Min Mo
Reader's Life, Food : My Book Group Dines with Thomas Hardy by Linda Marino


Featured Poetry : Howie Good: Two Poems by Howie Good
Featured Poetry : Juliet P. Howard: Two Poems by Juliet P. Howard
About Poetry, Book Reviews : Gertrude Stein vs. William Carlos Williams by Carol Dorf

Personal Stories

About Memoir, Writer's Life, Adoption : "Whoa! I'm a Character in a Friend's Memoir?" by Andrea Cornell Sarvady
Memoir, Adoption, Family Stories : Always an Orphan by David Biddle
Memoir, Diversity : Eileen Fisher’s Got My Back by Fran Cronin


Featured Interview, Food, Sex : Steve Almond: “So Much Sensual Data to Be Mined" by David Cameron
Featured Interview, Adoption : Adam Pertman: “We Teach Our Kids by Being Open” by Fran Cronin
Featured Interview, Adoption, Diversity : Mei-Ling Hopgood: "American Parents Go a Little Nutty" by William Gray


Photography, Food : My Homage to Childhood Thinking by Carl Warner
Photography, Nature : Winter's Light by Cynthia Staples


Short Stories : Daddy’s Choice by Brian Sutton