"Then I See What's Really Always There" © Grady Kane; used by permission

The Group Makes the Writer

Nov 28, 2012

Essay by Kate Brandt

Together, we’ve survived divorce, abortion, unrequited love, single motherhood, children diagnosed with autism and cancer, surgery, chemo.

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The Collaged Brain

Nov 07, 2012

Image Essay by Camille Martin

What narrative or allegory arises in this collage when a snake flies through the air carrying a staircase?

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Porcelain Bones

Nov 05, 2012

TW Column by Judith A. Ross

I’d never witness her body’s natural aging process—her bones becoming brittle, her hair turning white.

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Word Fracking

Oct 17, 2012

Essay by Joseph McGonegal

With every kiss, the 15-, 21-, 28-year-old self was probably furious with me—each in his own way—for selling out.

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Seven Deadly Sins

Oct 12, 2012

Image Essay by Isabelle Cardinal

What is imagination, really? Maybe it’s just the little brother of Miss Creativity?

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