The Goat Child's Dream


By Theresa Williams


© Theresa Williams


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The Miraculous Birth of The Goat Child

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The Origin of The Goat Child


Theresa WilliamsTheresa Williams is a contributing writer at Talking Writing. Her novel, The Secret of Hurricanes (MacAdam/Cage 2002), was a finalist for the Paterson Fiction Prize. Her short fiction and poems have appeared in a number of magazines, including The Sun, Chattahoochee Review, and Hunger Mountain. Her chapbook The Galaxy to Ourselves was published in 2012 by Finishing Line Press.

This is the second in a series about The Goat Child.


This is the third time I've

This is the third time I've looked at this and I love it each time. It's a magical transition, seeing the goat child after seeing the drawing of the baby. It draws us in, we relate to the goat child. I am cheering for it in these few drawings. They are truly touching.

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