Yvonne M. Estrada: Poem


In the Balance

In dark blue dawn downtown
a man asks for change.
My seven-year-old son watches
me dig in a pocket.
He asks “Why did you give
him money?”
I hold my breath
while answers slide off
the heap of reasons
I could use to explain
charity, poverty, loss,
do unto others, or karma.
His perfect needs-to-know face waits.
I check with the sky,
6:00 a.m. and Morning Star
holds a cosmic scale.
In one pan are gas station, old muscle car,
mother and son;
the other pan will be filled
with the words I say,
destitute people my son
will encounter, and future actions
he will take.
My response rushes out with my exhalation,
“Because he doesn’t have any, and we do.”
He nods like a monk,
absorbs the weight
of this. I watch him change;
his young heart expands,
and his world levels out
for a time.


"Pre-Dawn" © jb


Art Information

  • "Pre-Dawn" © jb; Creative Commons license.

Yvonne M. EstradaYvonne M. Estrada is a poet and photographer. She recently published a chapbook, My Name on Top of Yours, that contains a crown of sonnets illustrated by original photographs. Her poems have also appeared in Mischief, Caprice and Other Poetic Strategies, Pulse Magazine, Verse Wisconsin, and GuerrillaReads.com #8.


No regret giving a widows

No regret giving a widows mite to the needy, but how much can a compassionate poet like you and many others give to make a permanent change or bring forth a productive perennial in a city folk that needs to be supported beyond a useful dime?When will poet s go into politics and be an effective integral in policy making especially aspects that will empower a normal or skilled person to access funds or toolsor facilities in each hemisphere he/she belongs to earn a living on the one basic hand and become fulfilled on the other more ambitious hand of the effective living scale.When will poets become less arm -chair legislators?David Plant had also queried this years back in New Poetry Review online.I ,modestly empirically have experienced a level of poverty that 's not palatable to confess except in talking /writing or other frank memoirs that will come when an ipad is procured .I laugh and laugh at myself...do you know this collateral comment could have appeared 48 or 50n hours earlier had it not been for epileptic power right here in Africa.I 'm actually using generator power right now and this beyond an average city dweller or worker here .In fact an inverter should have been better for me but this is also more expensive here.I wish could be Estrad s beneficiary with an multitask window ipad . I would be happy.This is not where any productive writer or puppeteer will forward a facility of $1000.0 0 to a bank as basic I.T. tool facility and it will be granted !No except you have 3ce the collateral to offset the returns within a harsh tenor policy.So givers will never lack and if you burrow or give to needy there s a scripture that explains that you re giving to God and saving treasure in heaven.Besides its too short a day not to give.Your
7-year old son has the right to ask why the older less privileged guy is asking for bulks,his genre will grow up to straighten things towards equality,even though this may seem like optical mirage in sociopolitical system this era of Homo sapiens adopt as perfect-yet imperfect implementations of democracy galore locally,globally.Yeah --- even if $ 1milion is shared equally -a lot would gamble rather than invest with the largess...There fore sharing equally will not guanranty financial independence but equal or customised facility according to individual potential or professional or poetic heart needs will fulfill destinies far above beggars/begging in the midst of plenty.Planet earth is so blessed that a justifiable management by good governance and attainable morality and compassion in all sectors and cadres of leadership will turn around people to productive citizenry,poets,clergy,craftsmen and all useful vocations as Rotarians would say.It will also catapult humanitarian practitioners 3oce more! In this milieu of unequal ribs status quo the likes of Bill & Melinda Gates and Rajashe in India and six gentlemen in Nigeria are among the 64 most generous epidemiological philanthropists who consider it worthy to put polio on its death knell so soon before 2018.More still to fall as wind because global giving could be heftily infectious and wealthy too and very miraculously sweeping -away of environmental nuisances limiting human folks to manifest his beautiful humanity. Lots of cobwebs need to be cleaned in those who can't give nor consider it worthy and permanently wealthy to initiate policies to provide human development -creative overheads or budget inclusive otherwise we will become drunk with mere achieving without meaning if we revel in few lucky folks WHO HAVE.
GBEMISOYE TIJANI aka MST, 08032014,1202AM
convener civic concern, Paul Harris Fellow,d9125

addenda to comment on '

addenda to comment on ' balance' timely poem by YVONNE .M. ESTRADA in TW
I 'm now sure it was David Graham,a teacher poet who rightly queried why are poets not rich?
David Plant is another serious yet very funny novelist who shared an apartment as resident writers years back with Germain Greer ,another formidable writer -whose space sharing as writers -in- residence in one of the US ivory towers was as romantic as any pen drivers would extrapolate..Their tacit romantic settings sure fueled their creativity beyond measure.p.s if only poets and writer s would give themselves to the society -their works could produced in such a way it will have impact in policy change that will not close up inequality per se but will ensure resources by citizenship right to be or become -insofar as your desiderata will not injure other folks.
Gbemi tijani mst 12 53am 8314,

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