Winter 2018: Writing and Faith

"In the Kiln, Cold" © Grady Kane-Horrigan

Finding Meaning Where We Can

As a writer of faith, I not only can but must insist that the way I see the human predicament isn’t limited to believers alone.

—“That Kind of Book”

This is a special mini-edition of Talking Writing.


Personal Stories

Needle and Thread by Madeehah Reza
Death and Doing the Math by Judith Hannan
Come-to-Jesus Meeting by Donna Cameron
That Kind of Book by Steven Wingate
My Father’s Blessing by Sarah Birnbach
Pilgrim, Mother by Elisabeth Hedrick-Moser

Genre Borders

Sliver of Joy by Renee Gionet

Why I Write

Something Like Sand by Mercedes Lucero

More Like This

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