“County Storm” © Jennifer Powers; used with permission

Sue Brannan Walker: Math Poetry

Feb 03, 2012

TW Poetry Spotlight

She didn’t understand how collards/fit what she wanted or didn’t want/to talk about on any given day...

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David Morimoto: Math Poetry

Jan 27, 2012

TW Poetry Spotlight

Apart and a Part/with every Thing, of Everything...

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JoAnne Growney: Math Poetry

Jan 20, 2012

TW Poetry Spotlight

Suppose you wish to convince someone/you have a special secret/without revealing any information.

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Mary Cresswell: Math Poetry

Jan 13, 2012

TW Poetry Spotlight

I want the blood to stay liquid, the bones never to rise again...

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Why Poets Sometimes Think in Numbers

Jan 09, 2012

Introduction by Carol Dorf

Often when I tell people about my life, they ask, 'Poetry and mathematics?'

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