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Why Poets Sometimes Think in Numbers

Jan 09, 2012

Introduction by Carol Dorf

Often when I tell people about my life, they ask, 'Poetry and mathematics?'

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A Nonmathematician Falls in Love

Jan 09, 2012

Essay by Elizabeth Langosy

One poem featured the Blob complaining to its mother about its lack of physical boundaries.

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Carol Dorf: Math Poetry

Jan 09, 2012

TW Poetry Spotlight

At times, one eavesdrops
in an attempt to develop a theory of place....

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Gertrude Stein vs. William Carlos Williams

Dec 15, 2011

Essay by Carol Dorf

Like children shuttling between the homes of divorced parents, American poets feel obliged to negotiate poetic lineages.

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Juliet P. Howard: Two Poems

Dec 07, 2011

TW Featured Poet

...The inside of this wrist holds memories:/lips flushed against the palimpsest of my arm...

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