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Tips from Dinty W. Moore, Judge

Tight language, vivid description, strong nouns and verbs, a sense of urgency.

Tips from Emily Toth, Judge

I woke up this morning and discovered I’d become a cockroach. What should I wear?

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Varro on Why Mainstream Critics Fail Writers of Color on 8/1/14 @ 10:05 wrote Phan's argument is an out-and-out fallacy: specifically, the fallacy of division, opt, if you're in a Grecian...
Mitch on Style Wars on 7/23/14 @ 10:50 wrote The second 'and' is the culprit. Good writing mirrors simple fluid speech.
Kristen on What’s a Creative Writing Program Good For? on 7/20/14 @ 10:01 wrote Can you tell me what program this is? I am looking into programs that will give me as much teaching...