Winter 2016: Teaching Life

"Painting School Mural in San Juan de Limay, Nicaragua" (2014) © Maria Gabriela Aldana; used courtesy Art of Solidarity

Lessons in Self-Restraint

There’s no end to the amount of work that can be put into teaching. There’s always more to do, but there’s also a point at which a teacher does too much, thereby unwittingly stunting students’ development of their own agency.

—“When Do Teachers Do Too Much?”

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


Theme for this Issue

Teacher? Writer? by Morgan Baker
When Do Teachers Do Too Much? by Ioanna Pettas Opidee

Flash Nonfiction

The Girl from Sophomore Year by K. Irene Rieger
Lombardi’s on the Bay by Lauren Grabowski

Personal Stories

Doing Lines by William Horwath

Why I Write

The Usefulness of Poetry by Gloria Heffernan

Hybrid Work

The Red Shoes by Amy Jo Trier-Walker
Hopewell Bay by Cynthia Neely
American Bistro by Leah Shlachter
The Anna Fragments by Elisabeth Weiss



On Teaching Vulgarity by Emily Toth