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Social Media: The Great Time Sink for Writers

Oct 01, 2013

Theme Essay by Anne R. Allen

It turns out that human beings—even writers—do need sleep. Authors are creative human beings, not machines.

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Thank You, Apple, for Going to Court Over E-Books

Jun 14, 2013

TW Opinion by David Biddle and Martha Nichols

These days, every writer and reader needs to pay careful attention to the profit-making shenanigans of the publishing world.

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What Should We Do About Wikipedia?

May 20, 2013

Feature by Martha Nichols and Lorraine Berry

There’s good reason not to trust an information source that can erase its own mistakes as if they never happened.

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Why Bookstores Aren’t Helping Indie Authors—Yet

Apr 17, 2013

TW Column by David Biddle

The staff of this lovely shop didn’t welcome me with open arms.

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Can Editors Change the World?

Mar 15, 2013

Essay by Martha Nichols

Given what VIDA has turned up, I don’t see how anyone in charge of a literary magazine can ignore the political and cultural impact of editors.

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Women Writers and Bad Interviews

Feb 15, 2013

Feature by Lorraine Berry

By this point, I was shouting at the radio. What did this have to do with writing?

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Is Fiction Empathy's Best Hope?

Feb 01, 2013

Feature by Ron MacLean

Narrative expands our view of the real people in our lives.

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How Much Should E-Books Cost?

Jan 25, 2013

TW Column by David Biddle

It’s way too easy for us indie authors to devalue what we’re selling.

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Barack Obama, Fictional Character

Jan 18, 2013

TW Opinion by William Gray

If he were in a great novel, we’d see how his many facets add up to create a dynamic, if believably flawed, hero.

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Hurray for Digital Magazines!

Oct 26, 2012

TW Opinion by Martha Nichols

Reincarnation online is an act of mercy for Newsweek’s foundering print edition.

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