Raquette Lake

Apr 13, 2012

Memoir by Lorraine Berry

The safety of the woods is illusory and the way forward lies across a meadow drenched in the light of the moon.

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The Rubber Band King

Mar 12, 2012

Memoir by Carolee Bertisch

As I open each envelope, the ancient rubber bands holding it together fall into little worms at my feet.

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Freeing a Life at Chinese New Year

Dec 12, 2011

Personal Essay by Li Min Mo

Fog obscured the houses. The scrawny, shaven-head rickshaw man sighed and hummed with the pedaling noise.

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Eileen Fisher’s Got My Back

Nov 30, 2011

Essay by Fran Cronin

My dying mother did not leave this earth until she said with her last breath, 'And please dye your hair.'

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Always an Orphan

Nov 23, 2011

Personal Essay by David Biddle

For the first forty years of my life, I was quite happy as an adopted child who knew nothing about his origins.

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The Bad Cook Blues

Nov 14, 2011

Theme Essay by Lorraine Berry

Did I mention the small kitchen fire I started cooking mac ’n’ cheese?

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A Peacenik Reporter Gets It Wrong

Oct 24, 2011

Memoir by Jeremiah Horrigan

Boldly, I decided To Act. To Take a Stand. I would…wear an armband.

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My Cancer Plays

Oct 17, 2011

Cancer Room Workshop Selection

I’m not ready yet. Really, God, all those times I said I wish I was dead? I didn’t mean it.

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Would You Ever Take a Bullet for Someone?

Sep 05, 2011

Personal Essay by Jon Wolfman

I still wonder if learning to write in another language is like taking a leap into space.

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The Good Life

Jun 06, 2011

Creative Nonfiction by Angela M. Graziano

I imagine every family has a set of stories they share.

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