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TW's Winter 2013 Issue: "Got Fame?"


Launch Date: January 14, 2013

TW writers dish about celebrity authors and the quest for literary success. The stakes are higher than ever, but vaulting into the public eye can be...complicated. Highlights:

  • Celebrity Gossip: Stephen King, Ann Beattie, Elizabeth Bishop, Neil Gaiman
  • The Writer's Life: The unexpected pleasures of marketing yourself
  • Prose Poetry Spotlight: Work by nine poets from Ottawa to the Napa Valley
  • Author Note: Is the Iowa Writers' Workshop all it's cracked up to be?


"Paparazzo (Bratislava)" © Sam Regis

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im_talking_writing_are_you_small_mugAt Talking Writing, we appreciate every donation. To show our thanks as we start a new year, we’ll send you a TW mug when you make a contribution of $120 or more.

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Submissions Update: New Themes + Fiction

Talking Writing publishes five issues a year with a hiatus in July and August. We're now soliciting theme essays for our fall and winter 2013 issues.

Sept/Oct 2013: Distraction

How do you stay focused on your writing?

Modern life is a wonderfully seductive curse. For our fall issue, TW seeks essays about the many ways writers get distracted. Sample topic: social media addiction. Feel free to query us first.

Submission Deadline: June 24, 2013


Nov/Dec 2013: Writing and Faith

How do you tackle life’s Big Questions?

During the holiday season, TW will examine why writing is such a powerful tool for soul searching, creating meaning, and defining one’s spiritual beliefs. Feel free to query us first.

Submission Deadline: September 9, 2013

For a full 2013 schedule, see our Issue Themes page.


Open Call: Short Stories and Flash Fiction

Talking Writing is also looking for terrific, character-driven fiction. We’re currently filling TW’s spring and fall 2013 fiction slots.

“In general, we shy away from genre stories, but, hey, never say never,” notes TW Fiction Editor David Cameron. As he puts it:

If your piece about alien abductions or mutant teenage succubi brings us deep into the desires and inner conflicts of your main character and provides the reader a rich experience of the human condition, then bring it on. We ask the same from your stories about over-educated emotionally stunted gin-swilling Manhattan couples.

Here's our commitment: If we fall in literary love with your piece, we will promote it up the wazoo, tooting all our social media horns and sending it to selected contests and notable 'best of' anthologies.

Submit all fiction, essays, and queries at


Name That Author?

In honor of our "Got Fame?" issue, we've featured a number of famous writers in this edition of Talking E-News. Did you identify them all? Here's the key:

altered image of Vladimir Nabokov with TW mug
  • Virginia Woolf: “Portrait of Virginia Woolf” by Roger Fry, circa 1917; public domain ("Distraction").
  • Flannery O'Connor: detail from “Robie Macauley with Flannery O'Connor at the University of Iowa in 1947” by Cmacauley; Creative Commons license ("Writing and Faith").
  • Ralph Ellison: “Ralph Ellison, Noted Author and Professor, ” 1961, by U.S. Information Agency staff photographer; courtesy Library of Congress ("Call for Fiction").
  • Vladimir Nabokov: altered image @ Donald Langosy; used by permission ("Name That Author?").


Follow TW on Twitter—and Name More Authors!

"Even Thoreau Tweets" © Jeff Shelden; used by permission

Throughout January, our home page will display other famous authors with TW mugs. Guess them all! We’ll tweet the arrival of each image—and reveal the name of the featured writer later.

We’ve already got a lively conversation going on Twitter, so be sure to check the tweet stream that appears on most TW pages. We also retweet literary news, including book events, publications, and contest deadlines.

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