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"Whoa! I'm a Character in a Friend's Memoir?"

Nov 07, 2011

Essay by Andrea Cornell Sarvady

I never thought I'd pop up in a Melissa Fay Greene book.

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A Peacenik Reporter Gets It Wrong

Oct 24, 2011

Memoir by Jeremiah Horrigan

Boldly, I decided To Act. To Take a Stand. I would…wear an armband.

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My Cancer Plays

Oct 17, 2011

Cancer Room Workshop Selection

I’m not ready yet. Really, God, all those times I said I wish I was dead? I didn’t mean it.

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My Favorite Writing Workshop

Oct 12, 2011

Essay by Nikki Stern

Writing without intention or expectation: That’s the truly liberating part.

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Would You Ever Take a Bullet for Someone?

Sep 05, 2011

Personal Essay by Jon Wolfman

I still wonder if learning to write in another language is like taking a leap into space.

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