Spring 2017: Borders

"Spring" © Jill Slaymaker; used by permission]

Crossing Over

On the drill square, children float paper boats in metal basins. I wander off, get lost in a maze of outhouses. In night dreams ever after, I never escape. Better to keep my eyes open, stare up, keep the oiled beams from falling.

—"Self-Portrait at Five"

New pieces will appear on the Table of Contents as they publish throughout the issue cycle.


Poetry Spotlight

Faculty Development Workshop by Julia Lisella
Dear Employee Assistance Office by Ellen McGrath Smith
Mercury by Kevin Killian
My Next Tattoo / A Promise by Aimee Suzara
Gauguin at the Fund-raiser by Jennifer Jean
My Place in Line by Lucy M. Logsdon
We Could Be Cyborgs by Lesley Wheeler
Self-Portrait at Five by Louisa Howerow
Oasis by Lucille Lang Day
The Golden Record by Chana Bloch
Through, the Window by Rebecca Teich
Waterside at Mueller Lake Park by David Meischen
Flight Risk: Dementia by Susan Terris

Words on Edge

Can a Woman Make a Joke? by Emily Toth

Mental Borders

Camera Obscura by Rebecca Schumejda
Night Fishing by Sara Hubbs
Confined to Quarters by Marianne Goldsmith

First Person


The Future Labors Over Her CV by Carol Dorf and Autumn Stephens
A Thousand Bluebirds by Maureen Seaton and Neil de la Flor

Genre Borders

Davy Crockett Is Just Fine by Angela Readman
To Be a Snake in Winter by Nyanka Joseph

Personal Stories

No Trespassing by Ellen Prentiss Campbell


Harry the Polychrome Frog by John Peacock