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Drenched in Butter, Filled with Zest

Nov 03, 2011

TW Column by Emily Toth

Nutri-prudes want their food revoltingly bland. No fat. No taste.

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Why I Don’t Sing

Oct 27, 2011

Essay by Danielle Martínez

Spanish and music became ingrained in me, but English was my mother tongue.

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My Cancer Plays

Oct 17, 2011

Cancer Room Workshop Selection

I’m not ready yet. Really, God, all those times I said I wish I was dead? I didn’t mean it.

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Don’t Take Away My David Bowie

Oct 03, 2011

Book Review by Martha Nichols

He wore a blue jumpsuit with flames over his crotch. He swirled a yellow cape on one arm, amid dancers dressed in spider-webbed leotards.

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My Mother Said: “Write Everything”

Sep 16, 2011

Essay by Sharon Tosto Esker

'Wait!' she yelled, running past at least a dozen confused travelers in the security line.

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