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Let's not mix up facts. I have four wonderful, talented , smart , good children and that cat is not one of them. Napolian was also a great writer, standardized the French language confusion, organized the government and changed his world. Never underestimate the short ones, they rise to high places . My pride soars for you . - Mark buchanan on Child of Noon and Midnight on 2/23/17 @ 10:23



Hi, yes, it was published a couple years ago and got good reviews including a starred review from Publisher's Weekly: Here it is on Amazon: -kelcey - Kelcey Parker Ervick on Liliane's Balcony: A Novella of Fallingwater on 2/15/17 @ 8:42



What ever happened to this book? Did you finish it? - Joe Ansolabehere on Liliane's Balcony: A Novella of Fallingwater on 2/13/17 @ 8:33



I love this poem. I would be very interested to know the process you used in co-authoring it. - Alice Major on The Future Labors Over Her CV on 2/6/17 @ 11:20



Gee, thanks! - Giavanna Munafo on Giavanna Munafo: Poem on 1/17/17 @ 9:43



Thanks Lynya for sharing your knowledge and expertise. These are helpful tips! - Aneesha Perkins on Editors Read Your Pitches—Really on 1/11/17 @ 4:39



Thank you Mrs Floyd very helpful !!! - Dominique Natale on Editors Read Your Pitches—Really on 1/10/17 @ 10:28



What a memorable tribute to the transformational power of the written word. Thank you for this thoughtful and beautifully written piece. - Dawn Kotapish on The Communion of Saints on 12/31/16 @ 1:10



Lovely poem, Grace. - Tobey Hiller on Grace Marie Grafton: Poem on 12/26/16 @ 8:39



thanks at least for reply. - Sarah Shell Teague on The Word Thieves on 12/12/16 @ 5:51