Art and Comics

Putting My Eggs in Different Baskets

Oct 01, 2013

Image Essay by Theresa Williams

I had all these eggs, of course, inside me, and wanted a safe basket...

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Shazam! TW Does Cartoons!

Sep 16, 2013

Update From the Editors

Do you talk in pictures, too? TW now accepts cartoon submissions.

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Fragile Beauty

Jun 10, 2013

Image Essay by Cynthia Staples

I was reminded of the beauty found in fragile things.

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36 Views at the Seawall

May 22, 2013

Image Essay by Susan Denniston

Watching the destruction and repair of seawalls has compelled us to reconsider our response to a rising tide and damaging storms.

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All Creatures

Apr 29, 2013

Image Essay by Mary Dineen

A photographer from Italy once wrote to me, 'Flowers should elect you their queen.'

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