Art and Comics

A Day in Combray with Marcel Proust

Nov 01, 2013

Comics by Donald Langosy

The last time we spoke you mentioned that you had been overtaken by an existential crisis...

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The Lost Time of Marcel Proust

Oct 11, 2013

Comics by Donald Langosy

There's our dear friend Marcel. He keeps looking at his watch.

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When Blogging Becomes Art

Oct 09, 2013

TW Column by Judith A. Ross

Blogs can be an art form. The medium conjures constant shifts in perspective, inviting readers to keep moving forward.

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Putting My Eggs in Different Baskets

Oct 01, 2013

Image Essay by Theresa Williams

I had all these eggs, of course, inside me, and wanted a safe basket...

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Shazam! TW Does Cartoons!

Sep 16, 2013

Update From the Editors

Do you talk in pictures, too? TW now accepts cartoon submissions.

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