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Tips from Dinty W. Moore, Judge

Tight language, vivid description, strong nouns and verbs, a sense of urgency.

Tips from Emily Toth, Judge

I woke up this morning and discovered I’d become a cockroach. What should I wear?

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Katharine Harer on Eric Wayne Dickey: Poem on 8/12/14 @ 11:57 wrote Good, interesting poem. I like the way it veers from maybe-this-is-realism into a larger, stranger metaphor...
Joan Dornhoefer on Dawn McGuire: Poem on 8/5/14 @ 10:36 wrote beautiful!
Varro on Why Mainstream Critics Fail Writers of Color on 8/4/14 @ 11:10 wrote "She has 'impressive' statistics that show a trend, but then opts to make the ridiculous implication that...